About Us
The Paul Palank Memorial Foundation is setting forth to the help children in the Dade
and Broward communities.  The Directors share goals of balancing the funding or
programs that meet the immediate and critical need for children to be safe and
protected while trying to assist in funding programs that seek effective long term
creative solutions to the underlying problems.

We can not help every need of children but, with sound programs and God's help we
look to the day when there are fewer children in the crisis situation of abuse, neglect
and abandonment so that children with other needs could receive the Foundation's

The Paul Palank Memorial Foundation presently has three directors that serve to
determine the distribution of all funds for grant applications.  These directors serve
voluntarily and bring various backgrounds and skills to benefit the Foundation, but
basic to all is the genuine desire to make a difference in seeing more children in safe
and flourishing environments.

is the widow of Paul Palank and the mother of his children,
Josef and Taylor.  Angel had been a mother and
homemaker before the death of her husband.  After Paul's
death, Angel earned her law degree from Nova
Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, although she is
not a practicing attorney.  Angel re-married in 2013 to
Phil Sharlet.  She also volunteers as a Guardian Ad Litem
in Broward County.

Rev. Lisa Collins Stamp received her Masters of Divinity
from Asbury Theological Seminary. She is currently serving
as a local pastor in the United Methodist Church. Lisa has
worked with many charitable organizations over the years
and has strong connections in the community as a result.
She has two grown daughters and an adorable grandson to
keep her busy in her spare time.

is a licensed clinical social worker with a Masters Degree
from Bryn Maur University.  After completing her Masters
she returned to Miami, Florida to practice working with
children with special needs including those in the mental
health and foster care systems.  Anne presently sits on the
Board of the Key Biscayne Community Foundation as the
Chair of their Grants Committee.  She is presently not
working outside the home while raising her children,
Galicia and Miguel with her husband Dr. Eugenio M. Rothe.