Grant Purposes
and Cycles

Grants are for programs that target the problems of child abuse, neglect, and/or
abandonment in Dade and Broward Counties.  Those who apply are encouraged to
promote new and innovative programs.

The average grant awarded is between $ 10,000.00 and $ 25,000.00.  Grants may
be approved for the full amount requested or for any portion thereof.

After the receipt of a complete application, a site visit may be scheduled to clarify or
gather any other information necessary for decision making regarding grants.

Those Pre-applications that are not accepted in any cycle will automatically be
retained for consideration for one additional grant cycle.
Concept Letter and
By June 1st
Response to Pre-App
Authorization to Apply
By July 1st
Full Application Due
By August 1st
Notification and
Of Funds
By September 30th