The Pre-Application provides the Paul Palank Memorial Foundation with the basic information it needs
to determine qualified eligibility.  Prerequisite for a grant is determination by the IRS of 501 (c) (3)

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability, leaving NOTHING blank, including only
information that is germaine to the funding request..

The name that your provide in the Project Information Section of the Pre-Application is how you will be
known to the Foundation.  Please use the exact same name on all correspondence to tie all of
your documents and information together.

We are asking that all pre-applications identify the requests from their first communications, in one of
three categories:

Gift/Grant request (our standard applications)

Capital Requests (which would need to be submitted as early as possible to allow a deeper investigation).

Link to the Pre-Application     

Password link to the Application will be provided on May 31.

After the receipt of a complete application, a site visit may be scheduled to clarify or gather any other information

Those Pre-applications that are not accepted in any cycle will automatically be retained for consideration for one
additional grant cycle.
Apr 1 - May 31
PPMF Response to Pre-App
Authorization to Apply
By July 1st
Full Application Due
By August 1st
Notification and Disbursement
Of Funds
By September 30th